Your Quick Guide To Managing Ethics & Compliance

Your Quick Guide To Managing Ethics & Compliance

Our Approach

Make it right-sized, relevant and relatable.

Our approach of combining software and service ensures you’re managing the right things which are relevant to you. The ones that really matter.

A - Assess

How do we manage risks? We Assess first. Most assessments – packaged as “compliance solutions” – measure internal controls. That’s one-dimensional. It’s like packing for a trip without knowing where, when, how long, with whom, and what you’ll do – leaving you underprepared or wasting time and resources.

After assessing the external operating environment, we can adequately benchmark your controls. But there’s a piece missing – culture. Ethics and compliance risk management is a human business. We consider decision-making fatigue, fear, apathy, why we compromise our ethical standards, and where people might face pressures to cut corners.

This 3D approach to risk assessment gives you all the information you need to prioritise issues. If this right-sizing sounds like a lot of work, our experience is that we usually shrink the scope of imagined risk to 50%-60%, saving time and resources.

How do we do this? It depends on you: software, project-based, or training.

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B - Build

The second step in making risk relevant is to Build a fit-for-purpose ethics and compliance risk management framework.

Using the packing for a trip example, you might not have all the gear you need or a reliable map, or the local language is a challenge. Don’t worry, that’s normal! Together, we’ll address gaps, design compliance solutions and maps to navigate the risk landscape, develop communication methods, and train you to thrive in every setting.

We develop ethics and compliance risk management frameworks using design thinking and focusing on user experience. We love building meaningful content, right-sized and relevant. We created a library of easy-to-adapt and simple risk resources, guidance, communications, and training.

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C - Change

The final stage after Assess and Build is Change. We understand what risk means for you, where you want to be, what needs to be built; now, it’s time to implement and change.

We typically handle around five content, implementation, training or design questions a week – seeing what works (and what doesn’t). This sounding board, a second pair of eyes, or extra capacity can make the difference.

If we help you develop creative compliance solutions, you get back the time to focus on the proactive and strategic areas of ethics and compliance risk management. Having worked with most of our clients for years (decades even) – often across different jobs, geographies and organisations – we know our job is to help you do yours, which is why we started the Making Risk Relevant program.

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Identify and manage just the risks that matter.

Your Quick Guide To Managing Ethics & Compliance

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