Your Quick Guide To Managing Ethics & Compliance

Your Quick Guide To Managing Ethics & Compliance


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We see a lot of corporate compliance risk assessments...

Most are inward-looking exercises focused on controls. That will not help you and will probably lead to significant time, resources and cost increases.

It’s a bit like walking outside a building, trying to assess risk, without talking to anyone or reviewing crime statistics, weather data, or considering what activities take place inside. You don’t know what controls you need.

A 3D ethics and compliance risk assessment

Our approach to ethics and compliance risk assessment is 360°. We start by considering the context; what you do, where you do it, how, and with whom. Much of our early work was in anti-bribery and corruption risk assessment, where it’s essential to understand the demand-side of risk and the impact of refusing unethical demands. We take these lessons into all our external assessments, helping you identify issues many don’t uncover.

With a better understanding of your operating environment, we can use our compliance risk assessment software to assess the relevant internal controls. Using the building example, we recognise that the controls to manage flood risks for a high-end electronics manufacturer are very different from the theft risks at a garment warehouse.

Having benchmarked the relevant internal controls against the external risk, we assess the human factor. Our background in behavioural analysis has taught us that culture always trumps controls! We’re focused on understanding how people view risk and where they might lack knowledge or access (to risk resources). We also consider how safe people feel, how comfortable speaking up, and if they feel that leaders walk the ethical talk.

We conduct this external, internal, and culture benchmarking using our compliance risk assessment software. You get an invaluable three-dimensional perspective of risk, helping to focus precious resources on the areas they’re most needed.

Address key risks, before they become a problem

How does it work?

  • Risk is not binary (yes/no) – our corporate compliance risk assessment questions are intuitive to answer using simple scales.
  • The questions are customisable* (to what you do and the languages you use).
  • We can conduct assessments by organisation, country, department and function.
  • You can compare across different areas of your organisation and track improvement over time.
  • Next, simply extract content and analysis to integrate into your reports and ongoing monitoring.

* Depending on subscription and add-ons.

What assessments do you cover?

We have a comprehensive ethics and compliance risk assessment, which can be helpful to get started.

Other topics currently covered (and constantly evolving) include:

  • Operating risk environment
  • Anti-corruption risk assessment
  • Culture and psychological safety
  • Information security
  • Physical security
  • Modern slavery
  • Human rights
  • Anti-money laundering & counter-terrorism financing
  • GDPR (general data protection regulation)
  • Third-party risks

If you’re wondering, “where is ESG (environmental, social, governance) risk assessment”, we work with specialists in environmental and social impact assessment on our advisory work. ESG requires more customisation to build practical evaluations, so please ask for more details.

Finally, we have a user-experience assessment if you want to hear back from your people about what it’s like for them trying to navigate the world of ethics and compliance risk!

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Your Quick Guide To Managing Ethics & Compliance

This short guide will give you some simple and clear steps to help you prevent, detect and respond to ethics & compliance issues.

Identify and manage just the risks that matter.

Your Quick Guide To Managing Ethics & Compliance