Your Quick Guide To Managing Ethics & Compliance

Your Quick Guide To Managing Ethics & Compliance


Instant access to tools when you need them.

On-demand premium and customisable guidance, tools, and content.

Building an effective compliance and ethics program takes time and resources.

So we created a library of resources to speed up the process! Maybe you already know what you want, or perhaps the assessment helped you focus on priority areas. Whatever the case, you need content that is:

  1. Practical – tested and developed in challenging frontline situations.
  2. Succinct – communicating as clearly and simply as possible.
  3. Engaging – designed to be memorable and capture attention.

We are building a community to fulfill our mission of democratising risk, ethics & compliance support. Our subscribers are our guides, requesting content and suggesting valuable additions. All members benefit from compliance function best practices as the library expands. The content is instantly downloadable, ready to use as you need – fully customisable and white label.

Who are the Resources for?

For You

Policies, procedures, compliance best practices guidelines, cheat-sheets, and assessment tools – whether you’re building capacity or established and needing quick results.

For Colleagues

Training materials, communications, incentives, how-to guides. All clear and concise – all frontline-tested.

For Boards

Reports, tracking, data, analysis, and communication content help them understand, action, and support.

Address key risks, before they become a problem

What do you get?

A lot is included (!) – decades of experience across hundreds of projects in 50+ countries, across 30+ sectors, all frontline-tested.

We build anything that helps you create an effective compliance and ethics program, including:

  • Assessment tools – risk registers to checklists and risk-ranking tools (including for third parties).
  • Certifications – reporting templates, codes of conduct to annual declarations.
  • Explainers – complex topics distilled into easily digestible formats (anti-money laundering to ethical excuses).
  • Compliance best practices guidelines – the most expansive area (including reporting frameworks, incentives, due diligence walkthroughs, and crisis management frameworks).
  • Policies – the policy and procedure architecture for an effective compliance and ethics program, in one place.
  • Posters & communications – some topics need reinforcing and refreshing regularly; a picture just paints a thousand words!
  • Tracking tools – compliance function best practices dictate that what gets measured gets managed (from investigation tracking, gifts registers, to evidence control logs).
  • Training & infographic content – from critical topics (like anti-bribery and corruption training or risk assessment training) to scenarios, quiz content, and learning aids.

How does it work?

If you know what you want already, let us know, we offer a-la-carte and subscription models to the resources. We use a token system, where each piece of content has a value (usually between 1-6 tokens) – the more tokens, the cheaper the per-token price. We can pass you the editable content or customise it to match your brand.

Subscribers to our assessment tools also benefit from:

Your Quick Guide To Managing Ethics & Compliance

This short guide will give you some simple and clear steps to help you prevent, detect and respond to ethics & compliance issues.

Identify and manage just the risks that matter.

Your Quick Guide To Managing Ethics & Compliance