Your Quick Guide To Managing Ethics & Compliance

Your Quick Guide To Managing Ethics & Compliance


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Making Risk Relevant Program

Risk informs most decisions organisations make. Oh, wait, no, it doesn’t. But it should be part of the decision-making process. You know this, but how can you create a rightsized, relevant, and relatable risk framework? How do you build an effective compliance and ethics program?

The Making Risk Relevant Program is designed to help YOU (individually) have more time and less stress without internal confrontation, sucking it up, or quitting. We will work together so you can:

  • Manage 80% of risk issues, 20% of the time and cost
  • Get AT LEAST ½ a day back each week
  • And 10x your career and profile


Making Risk Relevant Program

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Watch the video to learn how risk & compliance professionals manage 80% of risks In 20% of the time WITHOUT Additional Resources, including:

  1. Rapid risk assessments with limited time and resources
  2. Get colleagues to care about and own risks using spy tactics (behavioural analysis)
  3. Communication & training to make people want MORE

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Download the two-pager 👉 on the Making Risk Relevant Program if you’re short on time. You’ll find more details on each component, prices, and a case study here.  

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Risk Clinic

The Risk Clinic follows or complements the Making Risk Relevant Program. Somewhere you can discuss all things ethics and compliance risk management – rose (going well), bud (ideas), and thorns (issues). Learn from peers and see what others are doing; get trends and tips for improving ethics programs.

We offer a simple solution – $250 per month. You get two 45min calls – the first, a 1-on-1 with Rupert, the second, a carefully curated group call. 

Bespoke Training

If you have a specific project need, let us know. We’ve trained 7,000+ people, including US and Japanese government agencies. Training topics range from common subjects – like anti-bribery and corruption, conflicts of interest, fraud prevention, investigations, crisis management, and risk assessment – to bespoke train-the-trainer or e-learning design.

Rupert is a certified trainer, having added to decades of frontline experience with postgrad studies in behavioural analysis, crisis response, and deception detection.


Your Quick Guide To Managing Ethics & Compliance

This short guide will give you some simple and clear steps to help you prevent, detect and respond to ethics & compliance issues.

Identify and manage just the risks that matter.

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Your Quick Guide To Managing Ethics & Compliance

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