Your Quick Guide To Managing Ethics & Compliance

Your Quick Guide To Managing Ethics & Compliance

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Bootstrapping Ethics

Integrity Risk Management for Real World Application

Most organisations face sustainability, risk, ethics, and compliance requirements daily. Regulators and stakeholders demand more of modern organisations, from equity and inclusion to anti-corruption and ethical supply chains. But where should an ordinary company begin when trying to right-size risk for themselves and those who depend on them? In Bootstrapping Ethics: Integrity Risk Management for Real-World Application, distinguished investigator and risk expert Rupert Evill delivers frontline-tested strategies for every firm seeking to make sense of increasingly complex regulations and navigate a volatile and risky marketplace. You’ll find concrete methods for reducing and mitigating risk, starting with quick wins that can be implemented by any organisation.

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Short Bio

Rupert is the founder of Ethics Insight and author of Bootstrapping Ethics. He has lived in four countries and operated in over 50 in his 22-year career, spanning sustainability, intelligence gathering, counter-terrorism, risk analysis, investigations, and crisis response. Rupert is a certified behavioural analysis and investigative interviewing trainer, a human lie detector, an accredited Crisis Responder, a Certified Fraud Examiner, a University of Cambridge Business Sustainability Management alumnus, and sits on the Association of Corporate Investigators Advisory Panel.

Sample Questions for Rupert

  1. How do we make sustainability and risk relevant to people who don’t understand it (or care!)?
  2. How do we create engagement and ownership of sustainability and risk?
  3. Why do all leaders need to go through simulated risk crises?
  4. What are the biggest risk and sustainability mistakes?
  5. Why do people spend so much on risk management, including ESG, (most of it wasted)?
  6. What role does culture play in risk profile?
  7. Why should risk professionals learn about investigations first?

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Physical Location

Lewes, East Sussex, UK.


Rupert Evill

Who is the Bootstrapping Ethics book for?

For Changemakers

Perfect for purpose-driven changemakers seeking to maximise their impact in their organisations and in the world.

For Risk Professionals

It’s an essential resource for risk, ethics, and compliance teams, in-house legal counsel, risk consultants, operational risk professionals.

For Boards & Leaders

Clear guidance for those doing their best to steer a course through seemingly unending streams of new regulation and oversight.

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Your Quick Guide To Managing Ethics & Compliance

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