Your Quick Guide To Managing Ethics & Compliance

Your Quick Guide To Managing Ethics & Compliance


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We see a lot of corporate compliance risk assessments...

Most are inward-looking exercises focused on controls. That will not help you and will probably lead to significant time, resources and cost increases.

It’s like trying to design a house when you don’t know where it’ll be and who lives inside (and nearby) – remote log cabin or city-centre smarthome?

A 3D ethics and compliance risk assessment

Our approach to ethics and compliance risk assessment is 3D. We start by considering the context; what you do, where you do it, how, and with whom.

With a better understanding of your operating environment, we can use our compliance risk assessment software to assess the relevant internal controls.

Having benchmarked internal controls against external risk, we assess the human factor. We must determine levels of understanding (of risk), access (to support), trust, and accountability.

We conduct this 3D assessment using our compliance risk assessment software, helping you better focus precious resources.

How does it work?

We are a growing platform and want to encourage interaction in the initial launch period. We will reward activity – logging in, sharing, liking, and more – with perks and credits. To reflect our growth mindset, we offer an Almost Freemium option.

(Almost) Freemium

Perfect for those new to risk management
$ 50 or $1* Monthly
  • Simple assessments (external, internal, culture)
  • Add and suggest questions to customise the assessments
  • Access to 30+ free branded Resources
  • Access the Risky Business calls – discussing risk & compliance best practices
  • Extract management reports (track progress)


All the Freemium features and MUCH more
$ 11,750 Annually
  • Enhanced 3D assessments
  • Fully customisable questions (content, language, format)
  • Survey your org (and third-parties) quickly and effectively (link-based, anonymous)
  • Multiple topics (anti-corruption, modern slavery, fraud, anti-money laundering, fraud, and more)
  • Access to 200+ white label Resources**
  • Enhanced analytics, monitoring and insights into trending risk topics (across the community)
  • UX (User Experience) analysis – hear back from your people about what they need
  • 3 months free access to the Risk Clinic (monthly 1-2-1 and group problem-solving calls)

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What are the Resources?

Building an effective compliance and ethics program takes time and resources. So we created a library to speed up the process! You need content that is:

  1. Practical – tested and developed in challenging frontline situations.
  2. Succinct – communicating as clearly and simply as possible.
  3. Engaging – designed to be memorable and capture attention.

After support not software?

No worries. For our advisory work we use the Pareto Principle (80/20 rule). We do an initial diagnostic phase (with you). We want to identify the 20% that’s causing 80% of the risks, challenges, or pain for you. It’s not always what you (and we) think at the start!

For this initial diagnostic piece, we charge less than most advisors do for one day of work. AND we will waive that initial investment if you decide to proceed with us for the subsequent work where we leverage the hundreds of pieces of content we’ve developed for the platform to speed up implementation.

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Your Quick Guide To Managing Ethics & Compliance